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From: E (
Subject: My TR is no longer straight!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!! (sorry, really long)
Date: August 17, 2006 at 7:29 am PST

as you all know, asian hair is a bit different from caucasian hair. it is more coarse and isn't quite as soft. b/c of this, layers w/in a few inches of the shoulder (above and below) will air-dry funny. as you move around and whatnot, your shoulders moving etc., those pieces of hair bend along with it. it creates a flippy appearance which is very un-uniform that i am very unhappy with, esp. b/c it looks awful in a ponytail. b/c of this, I decided to get TR. I thought this would help with the bends and flips that I got when I air-dried. (my mom refuses to let me heat-style everyday b/c of how much time it takes)

so since we go to china every summer, we decided to get it done there since it would be much cheaper. i did some research on google before getting it done, but apparently not enough, so i did two very wrong things: 1) no protein treatment beforeheand. 2) i did not bring my flat iron to china. why this is a problem will come up later.

so we found a decent salon in china that offers Matrix Opti.Smooth. trims are free w/ a TR so first i got a trim then i got the opti.smooth done (hot). they didn't put hte solution near my ends (not sure why :-/). the person who supervised my TR (and also the guy who trimmed my hair) is one of hte most experienced guys in the salon. he advised me to come and get my hair blown straight after my 1st wash, then i would be set.

during the 3 days afterward, since my hair was still 'soft", i was getting a LOT of bend around the shoulder layers. AGAIN. at this point i becmae reeeeally regretful that i did not bring my flat iron with me (so i could've ironed them out). but i decided to just hope for the best.

so then i washed and went to the salon to get it blown out. however that guy wasn't there. another guy did it, and i was soooo disappointed. my hair was COMPLETELY dull, kinda poofy and gross-looking, and not straight!!!! so my mom complained and they re-did my hair from the ears down (i protested vehemently that i thought this would ruin my hair--but they insisted it wouldn't), then a " collagen" treatment to "strengtehn" my hair...whatever that is.

they told me no blow-drying was necessary after the first wash. similar problems w/ bending near the shoulders occurred during this 2nd "setting" period. after 62 hrs (i couldnt wait to 72...i had an event that night) i washed it. i was quite happy with the results. a bit less than the results i get from a flat iron, but nevertheless quite straight, sleek and shiny!!! i still got ponytail dents and went to bed w/ wet hair a couple times (after which it would be a bit less straight...but still much better than pre-TR).

about 2 weeks later, I was going to fly back to America. i remember even up till that day my hair was pretty straight & shiny. but as anyone who has done a 15-hr plane flight knows.......its reeeeeeeeeally excruciating and all the positions that my head went into to try to sleep ----> flip & bend CITY for my hair. yikes.

*****here is the problem: after i washed my hair in the US, suddenly my hair is very different. not only are my ends very flippy, but even near my roots it's no longer pin straight...there seem to be bends or something!!!!!! i dont know what is causing this!!!! i am pretty sure we have hard water--is that it? also, can conditioner change cause it? (I used a chinese-exclusive VO5 conditioner in china....a different conditioner in the US)*****

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