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If you have come to this site on a web search for beauty or weightloss products -- please do not call us to ask about those products. We do not sell them!

We recently have been receiving many phone calls and emails from people who read posts about a particular product on these discussion boards, and then call us because they think we may somehow sell or be involved with that product.

We only sell Lamas Beauty shampoos and skincare products. For a listing of products we sell, please visit our homepage.

Please do not call us about other products that people may talk about on these discussion boards. Our Customer Service department will not be able to discuss any products with you other than Lamas Beauty products. While people here may discuss or express opinions about other beauty or weightloss products, we have no information or connection with any products but our own, so please do not call us about those other products.

Thank you.

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Date: March 14, 2015 at 12:15 am PST

In Reply to: Re: BKT posted by Denise Kingsley on November 19, 2009 at 8:51 pm:

"We are a living in a society that is on a collision course with a choice between erotic liberty and religious liberty," the Rev. Bryant Wright told lawmakers. "... Your role in government is about restraining sin." kate spade handbags BIG TEN u kate spade
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--> kate spade bags “I’ve already been asked to perform other services which I can do if I have (am) a notary,” she said. p www.katespade.name
Arizona Daily Wildcat kate spade bags Lee said that Uri (which means "our" in Korean) has had success with the North Korean government when trying to create new and unique tours and that the company is always trying to "push the boundaries a bit." She cited as an example the sports-oriented tours.
i that has controlled Gaza since 2007, was rough on the Israeli left. kate spade bags Instead, Newcastle found themselves 1-0 down as they switched off to allow Willian to deliver a short corner to Branislav Ivanovic, who in turn crossed for Oscar to score at the back post. kate spade outlet
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Nationally, Dollar General boasts about 11,800 stores in 40 states. Alabama accounts for 626 of those stores, 5 percent of the total. http://www.katespade.name Mara Costabile recruited seven of her co-workers to participate in honor of their friend Heather Anders, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in December.
Abuse Policy Commenting Guidelines kate spade outlet As if the idea of Spector keeping tabs on her isn't disturbing enough, she then realises he's been visiting one of his surviving victims in hospital - but this fact allows her to set up a surveillance operation just as a body matching the description of Rose Stagg is discovered.
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w If Gov. Doug Ducey’s budget proposal passes the Legislature, Pima County officials say they would have little choice but to push for an increase in local property taxes. kate spade Font ResizeCrockett: Man shot a week ago recoveringPosted:
"The Babadook" Horror. Not rated. "The Babadook" offers a wonderfully hand-crafted spin on a tale oft told, of parent and child in an old, dark house where things go bump in the night. It manages to deliver real, seat-grabbing jolts. At the Sie FilmCenter. (Scott Foundas, Variety) 93 minutes kate spade handbags You should know that your rise up the socio-economic ladder, while stepping on others and forcing them to accept peanuts for wages and leaving them behind economically sooner or later has consequences. Read world history. Concentration of power and wealth in the hands of the few never ends well. So don’t ask me to come together and congratulate the winner as if this were some sporting event. The results of this and past elections have painful effects on many families including mine. So excuse me if I take it personal. g http://www.katespade.name
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v All in all a mixed bag but service (mostly from the aforementioned Amy) was generally personable and excellent, particularly as we were a disorderly lot who also insisted on two separate bills. Credit to her for getting both bills spot-on. kate spade outlet That could be easier said than done given that an average attendance of fewer than 10,000 means Falcons’ budget is significantly inferior to that of almost all of the club’s Premiership rivals. In terms of financial muscle, today’s opening-day opponents, Leicester, are on a completely different plain. h
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The president offered no clear explanation or evidence as to who might have been responsible. kate spade handbags “The points of the misconduct hearing that are important to the public are that money that should have been spent on policing was spent on other things.” k kate spade
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What: Boys and girls soccer kate spade outlet Latino leader: Alex Maldonado, a pioneer of the Mexican American civil rights movement in Orange County, will be honored with a 90th birthday party by Anaheim Council 2848 of the League of United Latin American Citizens.

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