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From: Gina Rivera (
Subject: Thermal Recondition/African American Hair
Date: October 30, 2010 at 6:16 pm PST

An Interview with a Satisfied Client
By: Gina E. Rivera

†Cindy is just one of Gina Rivera's satisfied clients with naturally textured hair at Hair's Talent, located at 906 West Main Street in Branford, Connecticut.

Summary of Cindyís Thermal Reconditioning Experience at Hairís Talent:

Cindy wore relaxers for many years. After much thought, she chose to give Gina's Thermal Recondition (TR) technique a chance. She knew it would take require a ďhair planĒ and that the wonderful result from her Thermal Recondition wouldn't be noticed overnight. Gina and Cindy created a 2-year hair plan. One of the items on the plan was to treat her new growth with moisture and her relaxed hair with protein. As a result of Cindy keeping up with the hair plan, receiving her monthly treatment, keeping her hair straight, and thinking only good thoughts of her new hair, she did not experience the amount of breakage she thought she would get. After four months, the time had arrived to perform her first TR. At this time, Cindy had 3 and 1/2 inches of new hair and about 10 inches of relaxed hair. After her TR, her roots dried natural, straight and shiny, while the relaxed hair dried a little swollen.

Throughout the next a couple of months, I hoped that Cindy had been patient and was thinking positively about her hair. By the third month, Cindy came in for a partial TR. At this stage, I performed a TR around her hairline: 4 inches wide and 4 inches of length from her forehead back to the crown. This technique will assist her in maintaining the front area where people will notice her natural hair growing in. Cindy knew she was the only person feeling her roots (men know better!) but she knew she simply had to keep one important thing in mind: she would not get any breakage from TR at the line of demarcation as she would with a relaxer. Three months later, Cindy came in for a retouch: six months after her first TR treatment at Ginaís salon.

Cindy is now extremely satisfied with her decision to transition out of using sodium hydroxide relaxers. Cindy is now on her third TR and has about 3 more inches to go before all her relaxed hair is completely cut out. She wants to keep her hair as long as she can and is so happy to have healthy strong, and shiny hair.

Interview with Cindy:

Cindy, what led you to Gina Rivera at Hairís Talent? And what do you like most about the salon?

Oh my, Gina is just wonderful. Iíve known Gina for well over 17 years and sheís just been great to me. Iíve gone to other salons and Iíve always come back to Gina. And she always tells me the condition of my hair, whether itís in bad condition and what we need to do to get it into great and health condition. So Iíve always known her and always knew that she was very passionate about Thermal Reconditioning, especially providing the service for African American woman. So if youíre reading this, consider it, and give her a call. Sheíll tell you everything you need to know about it, especially if youíre an excellent candidate for this particular service. I love her - we have a relationship happening! You know, weíre going out together: me, her, and my hair!

What is the Gina's Thermal Reconditioning Technique like?

The Thermal Reconditioning process is long process. It is a 6-hour process; so if you choose to do this, prepare yourself. Bring lunch, and bring a snack. Believe me, every hour will be more than worth it!

What advice would you share with other women who are considering Gina's Thermal Reconditioning technique?

Do your research, and research the†stylist that is actually doing this type of service. Give them a call, have a consultation and pray about it!

Cindy, you mentioned earlier that having the Gina's Thermal Reconditioning Technique done is a lifestyle change. Can you explain that?

Itís a lifestyle for change for me because it is something that I incorporate and integrate in my life. Just like my nutritional plan and everything that I do, itís part of who I am. And I say that because you canít just switch up and have a weave one day and then have the Japanese straightening another day. You decide on what it is that works for you and you go with that. And I love weaves - they are fabulous. I love wigs too Ė they are fabulous for the occasion, you know, every now and then. But if youíre going to sport a Japanese straightening, it really needs to be a choice: a personal choice that you make for yourself.

Will you explain how Gina's Thermal Reconditioning Technique changed your lifestyle?

Oh my gosh, yes! It has freed up a lot of my time! The time that I used to spend doing my hair now only takes a half hour - and let me tell you thatís just me ďputzingĒ around trying to make sure I get it right and styled perfectly. Thatís it. But as far as washing and conditioning at home, itís effortless. Plus, I love the finished result. Itís just fabulous, I love it.

What do you enjoy best about your hair now, as opposed to when you were doing relaxers previously?

Well, I loved my hair then, but I love it even more now. The difference is the time that it takes to do it, as well as the health of my hair, the way it feels, and the way it moves.

What were or are your concerns about Gina's Thermal Reconditioning technique?

While the relaxer grew out, I did not experience the amount of breakage I thought Iíd get. The way the Japanese straightening is applied to your hair, it doesnít touch the scalp. So there is no scalp burn, which means a healthier scalp. So as my hair was growing out, I was freaking out, because of course Iím thinking, ďIím going to start to experiencing a lot more breakage than ever before. This is something new on my hair, Iím trying it out and Iím hearing all these great reviews. But my experiences are my experiences and I started to question it. So I called Gina, asking, ĎAm I okay, do we need to have it retouched,†do I need something, my new growth is growing in, will I get breakage?í and she calmly reassured me, replying ĎNo, no youíre fine, and youíre going to be fine.íĒ She reminded me that this is what she explained to me before my Thermal. And she was right - she did explain that I would be feeling this way. It was also true that when I did my hair, even though there was re-growth, I did not get any breakage As time went on, my hair is healthier, stronger and so easy and fast to style. So I was really impressed with it. Extremely impressed with it.

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