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We recently have been receiving many phone calls and emails from people who read posts about a particular product on these discussion boards, and then call us because they think we may somehow sell or be involved with that product.

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From: LISA (
Subject: "How to Tame Frizzy Hair Quickly" (Moisture Block)
Date: June 28, 2008 at 9:46 am PST

I thought this info was worth sharing!

"How to Tame Frizzy Hair Quickly"
Here's how to deal with frizzy hair.

Wash your hair, and make sure to use a conditioner but do not rinse the conditioner out completely. Also, when shampooing with conditioners, it leaves hair looking opaque rather than shiny so oils are needed to give shine. Remember, hair is dead and conditioners will not stay in the hair, in fact conditioners dissipate after 2 to 3 hours. The key is to lock them into the hair and Moisture Block is the only product for hair that accomplishes that goal.
Apply Moisture Block. Start with about a quarter size on towel dried hair patting it on the ends, scrunching the balance throughout the hair and swiping extra where your hair frizzes most. Moisture Block is the only product that locks in the essential moisture 10 to 11%, while blocking out excess moisture. Do not add any other products if you plan on flat ironing your hair. If you desire to wear your hair naturally curly there are two methods that work great ...first add your favorite gel over Moisture Block ...
A) FOR BIG SEXY CURLS - Comb both products through the hair for even distribution. Use a wide toothed comb, or else your hair may snap and break. That's not sexy. Twist large sections to the ends, throughout your hair. The bigger the sections, the bigger the curl. Allow your hair to dry naturally or use a bowl shaped diffuser and gather the ends up to the scalp. When hair is completely dry, add Moisture Block to your palms and untwist each section glossing the sections with Moisture Block for extra protection.
B) IF YOU CHOSE NOT TO TWIST YOUR HAIR ... Apply Moisture Block and gel the same way but do not twist sections. Instead, use a micro fiber towel and starting at the ends, press the hair up to the scalp to form softer curls and either diffuse or dry naturally. Again add Moisture Block with your fingers when the hair is completely dryto add sheen and extra protection.
C) If you flat iron your hair just add Moisture Block and no other products. Messy dry your hair with a blower just using you fingers. When hair is completely dry flat iron each section as follows.
) Make sure that the flat iron is turned up as high as possible. Using a flat iron that reaches 400 degrees or more is best. Moisture Block blocks the excess heat from damaging your hair.
) Hold the iron at the roots for a count of 3 and pull the iron through to the ends for a count of 8. The reason for going slowly with the iron is to penetrate Moisture Block deeper into the hair shaft giving you more protection from the varied climates. When finished flat ironing, gloss your hair with a little more Moisture Block.
Your hair will hold up to any climate, rain, wind, humidity, dry climates heat, cold weather until the next shampoo. Toss your other products and make some room in your bathroom. All you need is shampoo, conditioner. Moisture Block and gel.
Deep heat conditioning treatments are a rip especially when you pay for the service at a salon. Conditioners only go so deep into the hair shaft and hair CAN NOT be repaired if damaged but only made to feel better.
Oils make hair greasy and gives the hair a phony looking shine and offer nothing as a fixative. Natural products are great for protecting the environment but your hair could care less ... remember ... IT'S DEAD!!

[edit] TipsIf you chose to go a few days without shampooing your hair simply mist your hair with water, rake your hair with your fingers and press dry with a micro fiber towel
Find a good hairdresser that is willing to discuss your hair in a complimentary consultation prior to actually designing your hair style. Make sure that she/he is willing use the product that you love and listen to your needs prior to making an appointment for your hair cut or style.
Add more Moisture Block as needed for extra protection against intense climates.

[edit] WarningsDon't use too much product - it will leave your hair looking oily or wet.
Make sure you evenly distribute any product you use - otherwise you could end up with patches that vary from oily to frizzy. A good way to do this is to always apply product to wet hair when possible.
Do not use mousse before straightening your hair - it may badly dry out your hair.

[edit] Things You'll NeedHair Dryer with diffuser
A vent brush
micro fiber towel or turban
A mirror to totally check yourself.

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