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From: KW (
Subject: Re: Need Hayato substitute (for KW)
Date: May 17, 2008 at 12:39 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: Need Hayato substitute (for KW) posted by jackie on May 17, 2008 at 9:44 am:

The first salon I went to about five years ago or so was $500 in NYC. I lived in NJ at the time and went to a salon in NJ then that charged 450 simply because commuting into NYC was a pain and a friend recommended her stylist as he does TRs. I was a little hesitant because he is just a 'regular' stylist and is not one of the gods talked about on the boards but I figured what the hell: it's a little cheaper and it's closer. His TRs came out fine. He only uses Yuko and didn't know any other formulas. He seemed to know what he was doing, but he was very cocky (a huge turn off for me in a stylist). After going to him three times, I thought perhaps I should go to one of the recommended super experts, so I then went to someone who charged $500 because my TRs only end up being so-so.. the fabulous hair doesn't last. It's straight, but over time, it often becomes dull, not shiny and there's no swingy movement. So, I thought maybe the super expert could help and give me a super TR. This person's TR was absolutely not any better than any other person I went to in any price range and this person spent the least amount of time on my hair him/herself... an assistant did almost all of the work while the person did 3 other things......... extensions, a meeting with salespeople from Paul Mitchell and a consultation. Spending more was certainly not worth it in this case for me... an assistant did my whole TR practically! lol.

Then I went to a salon in NYC (I was working in the City at the time) that is now closed that was $350. They had their own TR formula that the owner developed himself, I liked that a stylist really did the whole TR himself, not an assistant 85% of the time like in some salons (two of the ones I spent the higher amount of money in). An assistant helped in the ironing maybe 20% of the time at the same time as the stylist. I stopped going to them because the first time, it was underdone and they had to redo it. They had a policy that there is a 2 week guarantee and after that they won't do anything if something goes wrong... they did it after 2 weeks anyway that time for me which I appreciated. For the first 2 weeks, I just felt that I would live with the underdoneness, but the leftover waves all throughout my roots in the front and sides were really annoying and not able to get really straight or stay straight and it took me 2 weeks to realize that I do need it redone. Then I went for two more touchups and the thing was that with all of my TRs, after a few months, my hair after a TR loses all shininess and looks just 'ok', not the amazing it does for the first two months, maybe three. Actually, it looks amazing for 3 to 4 weeks. Then, it slowly gradually worsens. After the fourth month, it really looks blah. I know it also had to do with the type of dye I used to use so I kept thinking maybe the right stylist could counteract that..... it's been so frustrating paying so much for TR and it not looking as good as it does on other people. I wrote this salon giving a whole explanation as to my hair and what happens, and they said that they are sorry but they can only help up to 2 weeks. I wasn't looking for them to do anything, but more like advice and perhaps we can work on something for the next TR. I wrote back that I spend so much money on my hair so that it can look fabulous, not just 'ok' and not just fabulous for 2 weeks and perhaps I need to seek out another salon that is interested in making my hair good in the long run, not just for 2 weeks. Otherwise, I probably would have kept going there.

By the way, I've tried every product under the sun from the Asian ones to the phyto crap to anything that is in Ricky's to anything that is in Sally's. Nothing has really helped.

So then, I went to Oz.. I had seen their sign several times because I eat on that street sometimes in Korean restaurants. By this point, I felt like the TR is only going to come out a certain way for my hair because of the type of dye I use and that's it. So, I went to Oz and the TR was the same as any other place I had went to .. from $500 to the $350 place. They also do Brazilian for $200.

FYI I had Brazilian twice.. the kind that washes out the same day. That lasted like a month tops for me and I have very porous hair (the ideal kind for BKT). It for me was no way worth the money. Brazilian also fades out gradually.. TR is permanent. Once your hair is straightened, it's straight.

I stopped using the kind of dye I used to use (it's semipermanent, vegetable dye by the way) and I am curious to see how my hair holds up after a TR now. The thing is I have felt that my hair does not hold protein.. it seems that protein slips from my hair. Throughout all of my hair things, I've gone to get protein treatments and intensive protein things and the first few days when I get those done, my hair looks FANTASTIC but then again over time it gradually worsens.. it seems as though protein just falls out of my hair and refuses to stay in my hair. I use two protein things every day and it sorta helps.

I also do not mean to imply here that cheaper is the way to go. I very much know that there are certain things in life where you get what you pay for or it is just much better to spend a bit more in certain cases. I have just found that for the most part, whatever you spend, a lot is up to your hair and how it takes it and for the very most part, minus posh surroundings and a receptionist fetching you coffee... the TR seems to be pretty much the same wherever as long as the stylist is experienced and confident. Many of the Asian stylists have been doing this forever. For me, I found that spending more doesn't equate to better hair.. it's usually pretty much the same whether I spend 200 or 500. I also tip well over 20% ..... I am not particularly cheap. Just giving my experience and perspective.

So short story.. first place: 500, second place: 450, third place: $500 fourth place $350, Oz: $200. In that order. So, I've had 9 TRs.

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