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We recently have been receiving many phone calls and emails from people who read posts about a particular product on these discussion boards, and then call us because they think we may somehow sell or be involved with that product.

We only sell Lamas Beauty shampoos and skincare products. For a listing of products we sell, please visit our homepage.

Please do not call us about other products that people may talk about on these discussion boards. Our Customer Service department will not be able to discuss any products with you other than Lamas Beauty products. While people here may discuss or express opinions about other beauty or weightloss products, we have no information or connection with any products but our own, so please do not call us about those other products.

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From: KW (
Subject: Re: experience with BKT
Date: February 21, 2008 at 3:15 am PST

In Reply to: experience with BKT posted by terri on February 17, 2008 at 9:21 am:

I went to the same Shampoo Ave B salon and had the same experience. My hair looked great for 3 weeks, then eh, then in a few more weeks, I was back to flat ironing every day.

The product is made by AgiMaxx. I was told by the stylist I should buy the shampoo made by the company. I couldn't just buy the shampoo.. oh no. I had to buy the set that had conditioner and treatment for $30. I have a ton of treatments and conditioners but still went with the stylist's advice. I started reading the ingredients in the shampoo out of curisoity in the shower 2 weeks later and lo and behold it has SODIUM CHLORIDE.

I stopped using it and went and found an organic shampoo in CVS for $6 without sodium chloride. I figured I'd ask the stylist the next time I went back for the BKT about that and possibly ask for a refund. I shampooed my hair every 3 to 4 days. By the middle of the 3rd month ( 2 1/2 months after I had this done) I was washing it less often than that since I was ironing it, I wanted the flat ironed hair to last longer.. it was easier to quickly touch that up every day with the iron than to rewash and reiron. So, I was very sparingly shampooing.. it was not shampooing that wore the treatment off.
I have had my hair TRed about 7 times prior, used to color thehell out of my hair. This stylist said originally my hair was ideal for BKT and it wouldl last 3 to 4 months.

When I went back the next time, the stylist washed my hair and I sat down in the chair and nicely started telling him about how my hair held up. I had a smile on my face.

The first time I was getting this done, we were chatting a bit and I said how I read that the bottle of BKT costs $250. He asked me how I knew so much about hair products.. I said how I read boards and such. I asked him if a person could do this process at home if they bought the product.. in all honesty, it seemed less tricky than a TR. He merely brushed the stuff through my hair in sections, waited ten minutes, rinsed in cold water, flat ironed less meticulously than when I had TR and blow dried. Seemed like a layperson could repeat it on their own. He said the timing was very important and you needed a professional to do it. Okay, I believe him.

So, when I started telling him how my hair only looked good for 3 weeks... he blew up and said in a very diva like manner: "HONEY, that is your hair!! Not me!"

I wasn't accusatory nor was I asking for money or a refund. I just was informing him.. thinking maybe he could leave it on longer or something like that. Or maybe he might say, "there is nothing else I can do.. that is the condition of your hair.." politely and civily.

He was all diva like, ranting and said and I quote, "What I did last time. That is all I am going to do again. That is your hair, sweetheart." It was a lot more nasty than I can replicate in typing. I almost started crying.

Two minutes later, he asked me accusingly what shampoo I used. I then got defensive and told him the shampoo he sold me and informed him that it has sodium chloride in it. He fiercely shook his head and spoke over my words and told me NO WAY. Luckily, I brought the bottle with me and showed him and pointed to the words clearly in the ingredients SODIUM CHLORIDE. So then he stammered and said, "No, I said you can not use shampoo with SALT." I said, "SODIUM CHLORIDE IS SALT in any chemistry book in the world."

He wants to distribute this product to salons by the way as right now he is the only one using this particular wash-the-same-day formula in NY. So I think he feels he has a lot at stake and definitely did not like my challenge about the shampoo.

One second later, I told him to just dry my hair and forget it and I started crying. Then he goes, "No, no...so don't use the shampoo. Use something else." It was so awkward and tense. I just sat there in pure silence and we did not speak a word while he did my hair for 3 1/2 hours.

I can not imagine treating a customer like that for anything in the world. I have EVERY right to discuss the quality of the treatment or how my hair was or anything. I expect at the very least for him to listen and talk to me civilly and politely and with the same respect that I give. I was not accusatory and was merely telling him almost allegorically how it went. He didn't even hear me out but rudely interupted and talked over me with his melodramatic rant.

I tipped NOTHING when I left .. which I have never done in my life!!!! I would not go back to him if he were the only person on the planet who could straighten hair. There is no reason to be rude to someone paying you $350 for a service. I am in the service industry and treat my customers like gold even if just for the financial motivation.. but also becauase I treat people how I would like to be treated.

And FYI this time, there is a section of my hair in the front that is still wavy and frizzy and now I have to iron that every time I wash my hair. The rest of my hair looks fine, but it is not wonderfully silky or super shiny or anything that warrants a $350 hair treatment.

I also read in a magazine in an article about specific BKT salons that this particular product has 7% fermaldehide which is unbelievably high.

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