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From: TR Damaged Hair (
Subject: TR/BKT question --for Dennis
Date: July 22, 2007 at 7:25 am PST

Hi Dennis,

I had two TR's at your salon (Yuko system) about 4 years ago. Both came out beautifully with no damage.Then, I moved out of state and went to a salon that did Liscio. That came out great as well. The only difference that I noticed was that it did not last quite as long as the Yuko'd hair. This may have been because I cut my long hair to just below the shoulder. I find that the longer my hair, the easier it is to keep it straight. I was getting TR's about once every 4-5 months at the Liscio salon, wheras I waited 9 months the first time I had my TR done at your salon and 6 months the second time.

Anyway, around October of 2006, something went terribly wrong with my TR at the Liscio salon. At first the only thing I noticed that was different was that the finer hair underneath were still curly. The stylist thought the problem may have been that it had been cold/damp in the salon that day and some of the hair may have been underprocessed. She called Liscio and they said that it would be o.k. to re-do it in two weeks, which she did. She also colored my roots on the same day. I questioned whether this would be o.k. and she said it should be fine. After washing, the fine hairs were not much straighter, but I did not notice any damage.

Two weeks after that, however, most of the underneath part of my hair started to break off. In subsequent weeks, I lost a lot of the top layer of hair as well. I have extremely thick hair, so I still had tons left, but it looked terrible because of the broken-off pieces sticking out.

The stylist called Liscio again and, over the next few months administered several protein and moisturizing treatments. They seemed to work for a while, but then I experienced even more breakage.

In April and again in June, I had two BKT's. These worked o.k., but I didn't feel that they were the cure-alls that some people have found them to be. They straightened my hair somewhat, but did not last long and did not make my hair as silky and shiny as the TR's did (when they worked). The BKT also left my hair feeling somewhat hard and dry.

I would really like to go back to doing TR's but am scared to death that it will destroy my hair. So, a few questions for you....

1. Is there a big difference between Yuko and Liscio? What are the advantages/ disadvantages to each?

2. My hair is becoming increasingly grey (and I have been single-process coloring it about once every 4 weeks) -- do you think the greyness or the frequency of coloring (I used to color about once every 6 weeks) could have caused the damage?

3. If I did want to do TR again (would be willing to travel to DC to do it) could I do it over the BKT, or would I have to wait for the BKT to fade before doing TR? I just had my most recent BKT about 4 weeks ago but it already feels like it is fading.

4. Is there a strand test that I can do to tell if the new (post-tr damaged hair) growth is healthy enough for TR. I think the new growth is realtively healthy, but I'm not sure.

Sorry for the long message and thanks in advance for your reply.

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