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From: TR SCALP victim (
Subject: Fair warning to future clients at Hidy Salon
Date: June 30, 2007 at 8:15 am PST

Hi future TR clients,

Just wanted to post a fair warning about getting TR done at Hidy Hair Salon. I just had my hair done there and as far as all the "rave reviews" I've heard about them, they are actually nothing spectacularily different from any other Korean hair salons. I've had TR done in many Korean Hair Salons across the USA...San Francisco, Dallas, and here in NYC....They all turn out good and same quality...the price is the only difference I see. Once I had TR done at a Japanese Hair Salon and the guy did burn some strainds of my hair, so never again at a Japanese Hair Salon.

I was not too happy leaving Hidy Hair Salon after my TR only because one of the girls working with the hot iron burned my scalp! It hurt the whole time I was there and even after I went home. It was like burning your hand on a skillet on the stove, except worse because the flat irons are much higher tempertures than your average stove skillet and after the burn, more chemicals and shampooing and hair pulling was done on top of the burned scalp area, which REALLY HURT! After a while I had to tell them to stop and get me a cold towel to press on my burned scalp because I couldn't stand the pain. The girl who burned my scalp did not continue working on my hair but Hidy and another girl finished my hair. I knew the girl who burned my scalp would probably do something that bad, because before she burned me, all the signs that something bad was going to happen was there. The inexperienced girl kept poking me in the mouth and eye with her fingers when she was drying my hair and she almost burned the tip of my ear with the iron, and finally she did end up burning my scalp.

The part that upsets me is that I SPECIFICALLY booked the appointment with HIDY to avoid such injuries with "inexperienced" girls who are "in a rush" and not taking their time to do it carefully, but sadly, even though the appointment was with Hidy, other girls worked on my hair.

To top off the pain on my head that I had to go home with, the girl at the register also upset me, because of the tip I left (approx a 14% tip) Don't get me wrong, I am usually a very generous tipper especially if the salon does a great job and I'm a regular with the salon. However, this was my first appointment with Hidy, where a "different" girl was assigned to me who burned my scalp, so I did not believe that they deserved the customary 20% tip...BUT the cashier girl started explaining that her "regular customers" always leave a 20% tip...somewhere around $100 extra on top of your bill. I was very angry that that girl even would "tell" me what she "wanted for her tip" or even try to make me feel guilty about leaving the 14% tip....
I know how the tip process works and if I wanted her opinions I would have asked her for it, but don't tell me what i "should" tip you.

Besides, is she crazy? THEY BURNED MY SCALP!!! I had to but medicine on my head for the pain when I got home. If she thinks she deserves 20% for burning scalps, what does she want when she actually does a "perfect hair job"?...30-40% tip? Plus, like she said, "her regulars" tip her that much...as far as tipping goes...OF COURSE, "regulars" who have been going to them for 4 years would be more than happy to give them the 20% tip for all their hard work....but get real? Why should I be obligated to give them an extra $100 for BURNING MY HEAD and causing pain for the next few days???

There are PLENTY of Korean Hair Salons everywhere and like I said, I've NEVER had a bad experience with any Korean Hair Salon...they all do great/ same quality TR...After the scalp burning, assigning me to a different girl than Hidy as I had ORIGINALLY requested in my appointment and demanding a 20% tip for inflicting pain onto my head will not get me to be their "regular" nor will I feel any need to refer them to my friends, neighbors, and co-workers. I will however warn people about the scalp burning with "inexperienced salon girls."

And just in case any Hidy hair salon people are reading this, I normally tip 25% to my "regular" salon as long as the "owner"/"more experienced" person works on my hair. And if I'm a repeat customer, the following year, 30% tip.

I do have to note that Hidy herself was a very good stylist. She did cut my hair well and she did take caution when SHE worked on the rest of my hair. I would only consider going back to Hidy Salon if ONLY Hidy and her well-experienced girls touched my hair. And of course, I wouldn't mind tipping the "norm" 20% or even higher if Hidy herself spent more time with my hair INSTEAD of the less experienced girls. I like being pampered at salons so I do and will pay for all my "good" pampering.

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