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From: Nicolle (
Subject: Animal tests are unreliable
Date: May 30, 2007 at 10:34 am PST

In Reply to: BKT posted by Nancy Torres on May 30, 2007 at 9:42 am:

My understanding is that formaldehyde is in a lot of items we use daily.

Regardless, humans that weigh 100#+ on average really shouldn't be compared to rats that are forced to inhale large quantities and weigh a few pounds at the most.

Remember saccharin? Killed those poor animals with mega doses and they still cannot conclusively prove it causes any danger to humans.

Aspirin can kill a cat.

I can think of plenty of things toxic to animals that humans use daily.

Animal tests are unreliable. I'm not saying that any chemical we breathe, or the food we eat is safe. I'm just saying dosing a tiny rat with toxic amounts of chemicals and then using that to prove danger of anything is insane.

What you eat, how much you exercise, etc. has more to do with your chances of getting cancer.

For example, I read in the Japanese industrialized cities, they smoke much more than Americans do and yet have a lower instance of lung cancer. If they eat a Japanese diet, they don't have menopausal symptoms American women get, and girls get their menses much later than American women etc.

Scientists believe that the high vegetable content of their food offsets the dangers they expose their bodies to.

Of course this is an argument that could go on forever but I am not the same size or composition as a rat etc. I suppose if they locked me in a room and stuck a tube of the stuff into MY nose without feeding me and allowing me any quality of life and then pumped gallons of the stuff as fumes into my nostrils it might be more along the lines of what the rats go through.. still, we were created differently than rats.

The air we breathe is very toxic. I'm sure if they locked a rat in a small tiny little area and exposed the rat to what we breathe in every day the poor little rat would drop dead.

I believe in a healthy discourse of safety of chemicals but don't see how that's even possible when the basis of experimentations are tiny animals only exposed to huge amounts for their tiny little bodies.

I'm not sure if formaldehyde is any more dangerous to us than bleach is or your laundry detergent or kitchen cleaner, etc. I would wonder what kind of cancer rates embalmers have but then I assume (and this is just an assumption) that they use way more per body than we would use to do a head of hair.

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