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From: Scarlet (
Subject: Frustrated (& Upselling)
Date: May 27, 2007 at 10:06 pm PST

I had my 7th TR about two months ago and my hair is like crap. I will give a history to give a complete picture. I hope someone out there has advice for me because I am at my wit's end! I am so tired of spending so much money and my hair looks not even good anymore, never mind wonderful, shiny, lustrous, healthy, bouncy, etc.

I have a long history with my hair; I used to dye it a funky color with Special Effects brand hair dye (similar to manic panic). When I went for my first TR consultations, every stylist said the dye would be fine and would be fine to do after my first wash since it was semi permanent. I asked and double asked to make sure there was no language barrier issues and I wanted to be sure if I got this done, it would not conflict with my color.

My hair has never been perfect from Japanese Straightening... except the first time I got it done (a totally different salon from the one I just went to, it was about 3 years ago) it came out PERFECT!!!! It was shiny, pin straight, bouncy, beautiful- like a Pantene Girl's hair. Then I dyed my hair too early because as I said everyone I went to for a consultation including that stylist said it was okay to do it right after the first wash because it is "semipermanent dye". Then the whole TR and my hair were ruined. It was just disgusting, almost slimy feeling, never looked brushed, and it got worse and worse by the day.

The first time I got TR done, it took 8 hours plus because the stylist did many kinds of PPT and ironed them all into my hair .. I guess that is why my hair came out so good. About five days after I dyed it, it was like crap... just like a drowned rat.. I went back to him crying and he did like a 3 hour, six step treatment with Nouriade and that made it better but it was never, ever like it had been again. I was only fortunate to have good hair for like 5 days in my life.

Since then, I had my hair done by a few different salons and have been dying it 2 weeks after and my hair was always "okay" but never as beautiful as the first time. Whenever I leave the salon, sure my hair looks good because everyone irons it at the end of the process. The first time I had it done, the stylist only blow dryed it for 2 minutes and it came out unbelievable; it was sooo silky and shiny like a mirror, it was just like a Pantene girl's hair. Until about five days after I dyed it, it was like that every day just by blow drying for 30 seconds. The stylist didn't need to iron it at the end of the TR because it was perfect and just needed very quick blow dry. Since, then every stylist flat irons it at the end so I leave the salon with good looking hair but weeks later, it starts looking blah. Everyone always blamed it on my hairdye, some people said metalics in the hair dye conflict with the TR.
The first stylist and I had a disagreement and he was reluctant to work on my hair again, due to not understanding the dye and how long it took him to do the TR so I never went back to him. I don't know how long the beautiful hair would have lasted anyway .. I think it would have not lasted more than a month like that but that is a guess.

I can tell the hair is shinier the few weeks after TR, but then the shininess seems to just leave and then my hair is so blah. It also is more rigidly straight, and then that seems to go away too as time goes on. (time meaning just a month)

So, I decided to let my color fade out and go back to regular drug store hair color (red which fades quickly into auburn) with 20 volume developer. I was out of a job in the last year so I could not afford the TR when I normally needed it done so my hair went a long time with no processes and no color and a long time from the funky color. In March, it was about 9 months since my last TR and I didn't color my hair for about 4 months before the TR. I figured well now my hair can be a lot better.

But, now it is worse. My hair takes 4 hours to dry even after I blow dry it. It just stays wet all the time and it is only dry at night time. I must wash it every single day and start new all over because once I sleep on it, it dries out and looks not frizzy exactly, but it has messy waves or bend shaped parts and it's not at all smooth. It's just a big mess and not fixable unless I shower and wash it. So many people with TR can go 2 or 3 days without washing their hair and it looks perfect or even good, but not me. I am also sick of walking around with wet hair. I can blow dry and blow dry and it still will be wet for hours. Especially the hair closest to the scalp and that hair is the hair that should be the best since it never had the Special Effects hair dye on it. There was at least 3 to 4 inches of regrowth.

Now, I can tell you my hair has like no keratin and no protein. It's like a drowned rat look and feel. I use Paul Mitchell treatment conditioner with keratin every day Aphogee plus keratin spray (kinda like Flat 4) before blowdry. I bought an intensive reconstructive treatment at Sally's and used that and my hair dried a little faster but still looks horrible. There is no shine, there is no movement, it just hangs and doesn't move really and it's not smooth or silky whatsoever.
I have found the expensive Asian sprays and serums and conditioners no better than other less expensive products at Sally's or like the Paul Mitchell Treatment Conditioner.

The stylist who did my last TR was pushing me to come in for a $100 conditioning mask treatment. For me, right now, $100 is a lot of money. If that were going to last me 5 months then I'd do it, but I've done those kinds of salon treatments before in the Asian salons and it makes the hair nice for 3 to 5 days and then that's it. Then too, they iron the hair at the end so you leave the salon with nice hair and then days later it is just as it was before. I can't pay $100 for nice hair for 3 days. I am not rich; right now I am not working and I'm going to move soon. For me, TR is expensive enough to spend on my hair ( and I tip 20% plus!). It's worth it for sure if the hair is nice and manageable but it is becoming less and less so over time. Right now, my hair isn't nice by any standards.. it's just there. Why am I paying so much to have hair that is just hanging there? I thought TR is supposed to make hair silky and perfectly straight.. it's not perfectly straight; as it is drying for four hours, I have to keep brushing it or it will not be straight. I have a brush in my car so I can drive and brush it every couple of minutes. If the hair moves (like the front pieces do) so that it has a wave shape or I God forbid put my hair behind my ears, then it will dry with a slight wave or bend. If I keep brushing my hair and repetitively pulling my hair down with my fingers, then it will be straight.

I am at a loss as to what to do to have nice hair. I stopped dyeing my hair even though I might like to keep dyeing it, but my hair was actually in better condition using that dye. I think the dye filled the hair shaft whereas now the hairshaft is like empty, it has no protein and nothing.. the hair is much weaker and has no luster or shape or movement. When I had the dye in it, especially the first week after I dyed my hair, my hair was much stronger and shinier and moved. As the month went on and the dye faded, my hair was not as nice in condition; it was less rigidly straight and less shiny and again was more like it just hung there. Even with the dye, though, it was not perfect TR which annoys me, but at least it was better. I can't always dye my hair crazy color anyway, what if I need to work somewhere where I can't have that? I don't want to have to dye my hair every month with that color for it to look decent. It is also a long long process- it takes me about four hours to dye it every month and it is so messy and ruins my bathroom.

I don't know what I want anyone to tell me, but there must be something I can do that does not cost me an arm and a leg after spending the money on TR every 5 months to have nice hair.

I tried the "expert" stylists and their TRs were no better than someone in a non Asian salon who does a few TRs a week and only knows Yuko.

I was very annoyed at paying more at an expert's salon only to barely see such expert stylist. An assistant (not even a stylist, an assistant) did 90% of the TR with just a here and there pop in appearance from the stylist. The expert did someone else's hair extensions and had a sales meeting with Paul Mitchell people all while my hair was TRed and I was paying good money for his expertise so as to possibly improve my TR. I had explained my whole situation in advance emails and I also threw in that I hate how stylists feel they must push products and I really didn't want to be sold a bunch of products because at the time my routine products were working fine. Still, the stylist felt he HAD to make a sale (I guess since he just took on a new product line that day!) on top of the TR. His TR was no better than a no name guy at an ordinary non Asian salon in NJ who charged me less. I don't mind paying a premium if there is a reason to. I minded when it was for someone's supposed expertise and he barely even touched my hair. I would say out of a five hour process plus, he spent maybe a half hour all together on my hair. Anyway, the point is I tried the expert/favorite salons and it was no better.

[/begin rant]
I do have to say I am very annoyed with the upselling some stylists try to do. I work in restaurants and am taught the art of upselling. When you order a steak in a restaurant, they don't just want you to buy a steak. It's my job to try to get you to buy the prime filet instead of sirloin, to order a shrimp cocktail before and an extra side dish with the dinner. Then, you absolutely must order dessert and espresso. If I am spending hundreds of dollars to get my hair Japanese straightened so that I have manageable, pretty hair, I don't want to be sold on a $64 conditioner and I don't want to be pushed to get a $100 in salon conditioning treatment when my hair should look good from this hundred dollar process. [/end rant]

Anyway, I am hoping someone can advise me because I am at my wit's end.. I am very very frustrated! I just want nice hair! By the way, I am always told I have nice, thick hair and that it is very strong. I don't have weak or thinning hair and it has stood up to many things (like a double bleaching mistake years ago- wayyy before TR) that would break other people's hair off. But, it looks like crap :(

I just bought: Nexuss Emergencee
Nexuss Keraphix estorative strengthening conditioner
and Cristophe Deep Thermal Reconstructor

I am going to try those in the next couple of days, but I know they are only a temporary aid and I want a long term solution for my future TRs.

Thank you to anyone who read through this and helps!

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