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From: Nicolle (
Subject: My first 3 TRs were with iStraight..LONG
Date: April 27, 2007 at 5:40 am PST

In Reply to: Anyone used iStraight? posted by Sarah on April 27, 2007 at 3:59 am:

In 2002 an upscale salon in the city carried iStraight which is why I chose it. They were still less expensive than some of the other salons either carrying other methods or even iStraight which is why I picked them. Also, one of the other salons I couldn't understand them (Japanese) so doing such a major thing to my hair almost 5 years ago, it was important I be able to discuss what they were using, what it does etc.

My iStraights all came out stick straight. They were straight when I even air dried them but looked more "polished" when they were blow dried. NO work at all. Wash and blow dry and then I could sleep, get up, brush them out. No reversion EVER.

I got them for about 3 years but I'd only go back about every 8 months or so. My hair is naturally straight from the root and a few inches in the wave begins so I got away with longer periods.

However, every time i went back, it had been so long the girl thought most of my hair was virgin or that the highlighting I was doing with my spray in sun (light peroxide) wasn't damaging? I dont' know. she never ONCE protected my hair with B3.

The virgin result was perfect. Second result was almost perfect but ends a little strawlike (never broken)But then I'd use a frizz creme and a little trim and in a few weeks again, perfect!

Third time again NO PROTECTION and pulled all the way through. Well, this time way more dry, soft/cotton candy like in a spot. I go back the next week and she doesn't see major damage and blames it on the fact that I don't get regular haircuts (even though 2 other hairdressers said the bangs had damage that went up near the roots so that's not it). She did irepair BUT not with the iron so it was short lived. I got ANOTHER haircut and another and another but then once the dead ends came off the TR looked great.

I was mad at the way she didn't take responsibility for the fry job even though I told her what my hair had been though etc.

SO, I didn't go back. I tried an OptiSmooth cold with a guy who was one of the first people who tested the product and went around the country training and it did nothing. Nothing. I didn't notice it at all. He followed all the steps even combed it straight leaving me sit there but nothing.

So then 6 months later I get a Liscio. The guy that did it did TRs in Japan with Liscio, opened up a Japanese salon here and everyone there does TRs all the time. Most people I know had great experiences there. Because my hair was fine/thin and highlighted (once a year) he must have used the new Liscio mild cream. Well, my hair is stubborn so it had curly pieces in the back and they said I could come back to get them fixed. The salon was over an hour away and I didn't want to go back so I lived with that. Then within a few months even the hair that was straight reverted. Curled underneath and on the bottom.

So then 6 months later I go for an Optismooth. She follows the matrix rules and uses only the matrix spray after doing a test strand. She used both the resistant and the normal formula on my hair since with the gentlest one my hair didn't budge and still she couldn't break the bonds in the back. But the ends got fried. She did a few haircuts and after some moisture treatments it is fine now but also reverting (even after putting the strongest formula on trying to break the bonds)and is beginning to curl and frizz, even at the bottom (no breakage however).

So basically, iStraight is a wonderful product. Make sure they protect any chemically treated hair with the B3 and the best TRs I ever had were with iStraight. It is my FAVORITE TR. Favorite.

That's my OWN opinion but if I was to TR again, I'd only have it with iStraight.

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