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We recently have been receiving many phone calls and emails from people who read posts about a particular product on these discussion boards, and then call us because they think we may somehow sell or be involved with that product.

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Please do not call us about other products that people may talk about on these discussion boards. Our Customer Service department will not be able to discuss any products with you other than Lamas Beauty products. While people here may discuss or express opinions about other beauty or weightloss products, we have no information or connection with any products but our own, so please do not call us about those other products.

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From: UnSprung (
Subject: Definition of Inept & required education for BKT
Date: April 22, 2007 at 2:39 pm PST

Inept-Webster's definition
1.lacking in fitness or aptitude
2.lacking sense or reason
3.not suitable to the time, place or occasion
4.inappropriate, often to an absurd degree
5.generally incompetent

All services require a level of understanding. With each service, the need to understand differs because of the various factors involved. My opinion is that a Liscio procedure is one of the most complicated, wonderful services offered in the world of hair straightening. The BKT is the least complicated, wonderful services offered in the same world. If a stylist is already highly competent at TR, then BKT will not be a problem. If a stylist is inept at BKT, then it's highly possible they will be inept at TR.
If a stylist attempts a color service without the "fittness or aptitude, sense or reason, .....", then chances are the results will be undesirable. That stylist would be inept in that situation. THe label "inept" would only be cruel, if something other than it's actual meaning was implied. It was not. Ineptness is a large reason why there are such bad outcomes with chemical services. Ineptness is mainly due to lack of education and experience. Many stylists forgo education due to laziness, unavailability, lack of interest, or ego. Inept stylists can eventually become competent if they are able to observe and learn from their sucesses and errors. In fact, we all are in that situation to a degree because one can never learn all there is to know about a procedure from education alone. At some point, experience combines with education to become competence. But the learning curve is much greater without education. So when I say that a stylist would have to be inept, that is exactly what I mean. After utilizing the available education, causiously testing the theories on willing clients, observing the outcomes, monitaring the results...one can begin to make decisions, one becomes competent in the service. Without competence, there is only ineptness. A stylist receiving undesirable results in any service, who does not improve their technique is inept. Is that up for debate? Defending inept stylists, as if it's okay to be improperly educated and lacking sense or reason, is like defending a surgeon who consistantly removes the wrong leg. Ineptness of other TR experts in the NW is why our salon continually receives so many new clients.

When we ordered our first bottle of Marcia Teixeira product, classes were not offered. When I specifically asked if I could come down to observe them for a day, in lew of class, the response was,"It's so easy. You don't need a class. Why would you want to do that? Anyone can do it. Just watch the video on the websight, and do that procedure." I never take on a new service with out a class, if it's at all possible to have one. But, with BKT, I had no option but to watch the video, and read the very specific directions included with the bottle of product. Just as they said, the procedure was very simple. Our results have been very impressive. We have had no bad outcomes. We see the need for this technology. We have only great things to say about the overall short term results. I can see why a class was not required. However, it's possible that certain stylists are not at the level of understanding that is required to be able to make sense of the procedure, or reason with the concepts. I assume that Marcia Teixeira is now requiring education because of liability reasons(inept stylists not following procedures correctly) or for profit. Either way, that's their perogative, and it's none of anyones business. There are obviously a few who took my post to be a malicious statement, or a judgement on the intent of Marcia Teixeira to deceptively market a product. You have misunderstood my intent and seem to overlook the positive statements made. I do not remember the exact correspondence between Lulu and myself, since I have had much correspondence with many clients. And if she choose to forgo the BKT because of something I observed, that's her freedom. Many other clients have chosen to come to us for the BKT.

We do not hide our amount of experience with new products since it is impossible to have experience predating the launch of a product. Stylists already using the BKT are the pioneers of this serivce, and are to be comended for being forward thinking. Our salon began the BKT service March 12th. We're on our 2nd bottle of solution. We used the directed amount of @3-4 oz. of solution per client.(obviouly that varies with amount of hair). We have had ample communication with Marcia and Marcellio(spelling), regarding questions..specifically the lightening of hair. We follow the directions to the "T". Our results have never been in question. I only question the long term results of this procedure, as I would any new service. If anyone intends to question our experience, or technique, feel free, if you think we are out of line, or inept. However, if an expert wishes to discredit us, let them post their own:
1.start date with the BKT(it is common for stylists to be vague about their actual start date when a new service surfaces)
2.a complete set of Before & After(real afters, not day of service) made available
3.Pics of totally reverted hair, if they've been doing this longer than 4 months.(the treatment is said to wear off in 2-4 months.)
4.Insight to all the various combinations of color/BKT/TR/BKT over permed/etc.

The above would be useful info to stylists and clients alike. And if we're in the position of needing enlightenment, we will be glad to receive it.

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