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From: Ericka (
Subject: Re: Denise---TR-damaged hair BAckground PART III
Date: November 14, 2006 at 2:31 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: Denise---a question about TR-damaged hair posted by Denise Kingsley on November 13, 2006 at 8:21 pm:

Sorry this is so long but this is everything i know..


Anyway, back to right after TR--as days went on, my hair looked dryer and more frazzled and strange compared to even the day I left the salon. I didn't wash for 6 days after TR. (I can do this--it's so dry. I always could.) The natural oils from not washing gave it some sheen, and I used some hair gloss as well, but it was still rough and dull mostly and I started to notice what already looked like some breakage that was not there the first and second day. Most of it seemed to be about a third to halfway down the hair--so I now had these hairs on the surface that were a third or half as long as the rest of my hair, and those hairs stick out at odd ziggy bent angles. I feared these were BROKEN hairs, and have since concluded I was right.

After the first couple washings, I was panicked. I thought it looked awful. I generally had a lot of bent-looking hairs sticking out out all over my head now--the shorter, broken ones. A fuzzy surface all over. VERY dry dull, no shine. It was stiff, hard, and not combable or brushable, and the hair right at the scalp felt like steel wool. The roots and"sideburns" felt like straw.

I contacted my stylist and she was concerned and surprised, but at first did not seem to grasp how bad it was. She said for hair like mine it would be expected that I would need to be smoothed with an iron and with product to keep it from being "flyaway." She suggested a routine of serum, blowdrying with a brush, then ironing and then more gloss. Aside from the fact that I did not do TR so that I could spent tons of time blowdrying and then ironing--the point of TR from what i can see is that if done right, you DON'T have to do all that styling routine just to get it looking decent--aside from that, she did not at first grasp how terribly damaged it was (brushing while blowdrying would break every hair on my head at this point, and it is far worse than "flyaway"). She also did not understand why the ends would be in better shape than the top half since the ends had been in so much worse shape. To me it seems obvious that because she processed the ends less time--which she did because she was worried about them--that was probably why they came out okay.

I explained that this was not at ALL a matter of "touching it up," that this was not a mild case of flyaways but rather a hacked up looking head of severely damaged straw. Ironing or blow drying would only damage more. At this point it would not smooth or soften or shine at all, no matter what i do. I was controlling it with a lot of hair oil and a bit of ironing after letting it air dry.It was not perfectly straight, but that was almost least of my concerns now, even though straight was originally the point. I just didnt want all my hair to break.

I explained that I had a halo of fuzzy short wiggy hairs, of all lengths, that stick out all over. That it looked fried, *extremely* dull, completely devoid of any moisture, looks like it will never shine again, FEELS *AWFUL* to touch, can't get fingers through it, has weird crimps and frizzies (e.g. it is NOT straight; i DO have to keep ironing spots that crimp and wave).

She then sent me a refund and apology. I did appreciate this a LOT.

I noticed that even when WET, it looked really bad. It still does. Before, when my hair was curly, it would be smooth and shiny and almost straight when wet, and was soft and VERY easy to comb out with conditioner. And all one length. Now it is hard and stiff and tangled when wet, REALLY REALLY hard to comb, even with great detanglers that always worked great for me, still even now (I have to be SO careful), and even wet you can see on the surface little bent hairs, crimps, broken hairs sticking out--mostly nearest the top, in the upper half.

After about a week and a half to two weeks, it calmed down just a little. By now (at 3+ weeks) it seems to be getting a little better. NOT how it should have been--but more livable. It looks a little smoother and feels a little better. I can get it looking okay. NOT like a good TR, not like Pantene commercial stuff I've seen on many websites and before-afters and, like John says somewhere on here "my results are a thing of beauty"--nothing like that, but just OK. This is probably due to meticulous care on my part--extreme babying, the best purest moisturizing products, and minimal fussing with it.

What works best right now is to blow dry cool or air dry, using a thermal heat protectant (btw, all my old favorite curly-hair products, like leave-in conditioners, styling creams, and mousses, are worthless right now--my best tools currently are just a silicone-based oily serum and a "dry" oil) and a bit of gentle low-heat ironing with a high-end tourmaline-ceramic iron if I want it straighter. It is still REALLY hard to comb when wet (hard, stiff and SUPER tangled!) and looks pretty weird in places when wet--still spiral-y rippled DNA-twist-like crimps and micro-kinks in many skinny bunches of strands. Still fuzzies on top (which I can smooth flat with enough oil/serum). The ends and back still feel the best!

At times--after sleeping,particularly,or sweating//exercising--chunks of it still get bizarre (crimpy, wiry, rough--this smooths out with next wash if I use nice smoothing products). Always when it air dries, a lot of it--mostly the top half to two-thirds (ends continue to be smoothest!) and particular the middle third of the hair and toward the front--has an unnatural-looking tightly-wavy bad-perm-crimp look to it. It must be ironed to get that out. If a piece gets wet again--say, from washing my face--that piece or strand will get the little micro-bends again. It can be ironed out. It has to be,to look normal. But the natural state now is micro-bends, Not normal curls, not the old curls.

If it stays exactly as it is now, though it is NOT what I hoped or expected, I can live with it. I can only hope that it doesn't get any worse. The trend SEEMS to be toward it getting better now, softer and smoother now with excellent care, to my relief--but sometimes it does enough funky stuff near the roots that i get scared that when it grows out a little more I'll have trouble. Avoiding further breakage at this point is my goal. if I can do that, I can ride this out OK. I plan to let it all grow out, gentling and babying all the while, at least wait till I have six to eight inches of grow-out (about a yea rI imagine) then have it redone by someone hugely reputable (even if Ihave to TRAVEL to do it) with GREAT references.

A word to the wise to anyone who reads this--I got lucky it wasn't worse, but it IS as they say. You mostly do get what you pay for in TR and EXPERIENCE IS THE KEY. STYLIST IS KEY. it's been said enough but let me add my voice to the chorus.


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