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From: Ericka (
Subject: The full background (long--sorry) PART I
Date: November 14, 2006 at 2:20 pm PST

In Reply to: Re: Denise---a question about TR-damaged hair posted by Denise Kingsley on November 13, 2006 at 8:21 pm:

My full story: (well,Denise, you seem to find details useful so this should cover it!)

I had TR done a little more than three weeks ago.I am not going to say where because the stylist has been very responsive and caring and did give me a refund because of how it came out. Really nice person. (But I don't think experienced enough at TR.) She did do a pre-consult, ironed my hair (non-TR) to "show me how it would look" (I'd never had it straightened with a flatiron at all and I LOVED it!) and she thought my hair would be OK except for maybe the ends which we cut 2-3 inches off before TR and another 2 inches after (it is not still just past my shoulders and ironically the ends/bottom third are in the best shape ofany of it now).

She was charging about half of what others in my city were charging, and as I am on a strict budget I took the chance. I thought it was an OK risk; she seemed very competent and confident, and nice, though I had some uneasiness about SOME stuff she said that differed from everything else I read over and over and over in my Web research (particularly: that she didn't think there was a difference between systems and products; that she didn't think there should be an issue with bending it even in the first 48-72 hours "if it's done right"; and most of all that the whole thing is just not that big a deal. I brushed aside my concerns and took the risk, which still seemed low.

She had not done several a day or anything. It seemed like she had done, oh, a couple dozen total in past couple years. It MAY be less than that. She does not do them often--not her main service, more occasional. I know now that is not enough. I know i was part of someone's learning curve. I did not get references or press as to exactly how many. I saw no portfolio. But she had pics on her site that looked nice (just one person) and she sounded mostly knowledgeable; she knew about the 90-degree angle thing and other stuff I'd read, etc. Seemed relaxed and low-key and confident. It seemed a calculated risk. I wanted to get away with $300 instead of $600 and thought I could. (it took three hours so it was still $100 an hour.)

And now I am here to tell everyone, as if it hasn't been said enough: it REALLY IS the stylist that counts; it is CRUCIAL to get someone really experienced, because if they have not seen hundreds upon hundreds they just may not have the intuition and experience to know key nuances of timing and technique for YOUR hair. Or if maybe whether shouldn't even be done.

My case probably isn't the worst ever, but it's definitely a botch. It did not come out how TR is supposed to at its best, it is not what I or anyone expects or hopes for from TR, and I'm enormously grateful I haven't had ALL my hair break off (YET--knock wood). But I do have quite damaged hair that I have to minister to ever so carefully and baby like crazy, even more so than when it was just curly (which is NOT the ideao f TR!).

Here's what happened:

My hair was long (down to mid-back), is very very FINE, was medium-curly (not super-duper tight curl but definitely curly not wavy), and was fairly dry and processed. I had used permanent color on it to lighten it (from a naturally cool dark brown to a medium golden blondish brown) two-three times over the summer (before that, I was only using deposit-only, semi-permanent color). It was particularly thin, fine and fluffy/fuzzy on about three inches of ends; the rest was reasonably strong despite being fine and porous. After being ironed at the consultation, it was very very soft, shiny,straight,smooth,SILKY, and nicely flat/thin/low-volume. As i said, I loved that and thought if I can get this after just washing and have it stay this way, i'd pay a lot for that!

Stylist cut about three inches of fuzzy ends off that day of consult, said we might have to cut a little more after TR which I agreed. She was mainly concerned about my ends because they were SO dry and fluffy. she thought the rest would be fine. Also, I had dark roots showing about 1/2-inch on top and she said it would be fine to color those night before, wouldn't matter, would simply make roots as porous as the rest, and since I wouldn't be able to color for several weeks after TR might want to take care of roots now. Again this seemed to go against everything I read and was characteristic of stylist's casual approach but I believed, and i did it. (Permanent, lightening. Naturtint 6N Dark Golden Blonde)

CONTINUED in PART II next post...

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