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From: Jess (
Subject: My results with Keratin/Brazilian/Protien straightening (Whatever it is called!)
Date: September 26, 2006 at 4:48 pm PST

Hey everyone, I recently shared my experience on another msg board, and since I see there are some inquiries about it on here, I'm re-posting my experience with this system. I have before and after photos available for viewing too, the links are on the bottom of the page.
Guys, I never posted on this board before but I have been reading reviews in the hair section about products hoping to find my "holy grail". After spending tons of money on so much stuff I was blessed with close friends who let me in on a process that is still in the works, but holy sh*t does it work magic...

Here's my journey-- I came on this site because I recently moved to Florida from New York City, and my hair and the humidity just did not mix well. Naturally, my hair was crazy wavy/curly, I have medium to thin hair, and I colored it with blond highlights.
My hair is still damaged from the $120 Sedu iron I use, and the $200 Sephora T3 Tourmaline blow dryer I bought. I've also tried most things on the market that received rave reviews on this site... I tried the Kerastase Aqua Oleum which received great reviews, Redken (Clear Moisture, Anti-Snap, Extreme, AllSoft, Smooth Down), M.O.P. products (yuck), Sexy Hair line, Biolage, Ojon (revitalizing mist a musthave for those whose hair easily tangle), Frederic Fekkai (pretty good smoothing creme but doesn't last long), you name it.

Well I'm putting all that crap away because last Monday I took a giant risk by having a treatment done at a Boca Raton salon, the treatment was called "Keratin Straightening"... It is completely new and not yet done in America (or so the salon says) but they are doing tests on it (I dont know if this is the gov't test but it looks like it? - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/q...db=pubmed&cmd= )

It took the guy an hour and a half to do the whole process, and I couldn't wash my hair for four days, nor put any clips or hairties in it because it would cause a permanent kink in my hair..

I could not tell you the science that goes into it, but he explained to me that the stuff he is putting into my hair is a protein, and not a chemical (but it did have a smell, and it didn't burn my eyes but burned my friend's eyes). He said it will strengthen my hair and make it smooth/straight for up to 3-4 months, and make my dull blond hair/highlights shine.

Here is what he did to my hair. First he washed it, then he blow dried it out. Then he applied this yellow serum to my hair making sure it is all covered. Then he blow dried the entire serum so that my hair looked dry (never washing out the serum or neutralizing). Afterwards, he took a hot iron and went over my whole head, making sure it was pin straight, with the serum still in my hair. Somewhere in there my hair was cut/trimmed.
He then told me that I can not wash it out or wet it for 4 days (I just washed it today, I kept it in for a day extra to be safe). To wash my hair, he told me try not to use any products containing Sodium Sulfate because that will remove the product from my hair, and the process will need to be redone. He recommended Finesse Moisturizing Shamp/Cond and said just use that. That was a surprise/shock for me because I am use to all these expensive products, but I did as he said. He said eventually he will be getting in Shamp/Cond specifically for the process, but since it is so new, it hasn't come in yet.
About touch ups, it isn't like TR, when this thing leaves my hair in 3-4 months, I need to go back in and it will be reapplied all over again. I have an acquaintance who had this done 3 or 4 times now, and her results are still good. She's the one who told us about it.

I was worried coming out of the salon because my hair was super pin straight and flat and it didn't fit my face at all.. but luckily it doesn't look that way anymore.

The results are as follows- I experienced hardly any hair loss. I usually spend over an hour in the shower trying to detangle my hair, but this time I barely had any knots, so I finished the shower fast.

Me and a girlfriend did the process together, and so she blow-dried the moisture out of her hair, whereas I did nothing, to see what would happen. Her hair dried in literally 5 minutes, and it came out perfectly straight with some body (she has natually coarse and curly hair.. her hair is also dyed in two different colors).
I let mine airdry and it came out soft, smooth, and it is mainly straight, but not pin straight. What I mean is it looks the way people with naturally straight hair have it- not PIN Straight or flat, but straight with some body and bend.

As far as I can tell there is absolutely no frizz. And my hair is shiny which is a surprise because I have dull blond hair, and have used many products trying to get shine but failed. After walking around in the Florida humidity for the past couple of days, it has held up well and there is no frizz and it still looks just the same as it did after the shower.

Sooo... there is hope for us with colored curly/crazy/unruly hair!!

The process cost me $270 (he also cut it) minus tips, took about an hour and a half (with cut), and the downsides as of now is that it doesnt last as long as Japanese TR, and in order to achieve pin straight hair, you need to blowdry the moisture out of your hair, but it dries super quick.

The stylist said don't use anything that contains Sodium Sulfate because it will strip the hair of the protein he put in, and it won't last for the 3-4 months it is intended to. He said the protein is sealed into my hair after he ironed it (remember he didn't wash the serum out after he put it in, it remained there for 4-5 days).

The girl who has been doing this process a few times now did it again with us and it still looked shiny/great. She also has double processed hair. The thing is, she had to redo hers after 2 months instead of 3, because she was using Clarifying shampoo/conditioner, which he said took the product out. He claims the product eventually "washes out" after 3-4 months, and that is why it will be okay to redo the whole head, because it isn't like Japanese straightening where you need to only perform on virgin hair, and thus can only go in for touchups.

Oh and another thing, he also said try not to go into chlorine water or salt water, as the salt will strip the hair of the protein, and the results would be short-lived. I have no problem following that (small price to pay).

My email is Ladydeva98@yahoo.com, and if these links don't work with pictures, email me.

1. Before picture- product in my hair is mousse to keep curls under control:


2. After picture- took this picture immediately upon waking so I didn't brush my hair and also no make up.. excuse my ugliness:


3. After Picture- Airdried... not perfectly straight but looks soft/natural:


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