Lamas Beauty Tell-a-Friend Program Policies
Tell your friends about Lamas Beauty, if they make a purchase within thirty (30) days, you'll recieve a $25 Gift Certificate for that initial purchase!

1) Fill out the online Tell-a-Friend form and submit it to Lamas Beauty.

2) After submitting the form to Lamas Beauty, we will send one email to your friend at the email address you provided telling them you wanted to let them know about Lamas Beauty products, and providing a free discount coupon worth 20% off any Lamas Beauty products purchased from our website over the following seven (7) days.

3) IMPORTANT - You must use the Referral Form on in order to submit your friends' name and receive your $25 Gift Certificate after your friend makes a purchase. You may not submit them to us by phone or email or any other way, only via our online send a friend referral form.

4) For each of your referrals who makes a purchase within 30 days of submitted their name, you will receive a one-time $25.00 gift certificate good towards the purchase of all Lamas Beauty products.

5) IMPORTANT - In order to ensure we accurately track your referrals, your friend, who makes a purchase, must use the same email address that you submitted to us through the send a friend referral form.

6) This offer is not limited to just one friend. You will receive gift certificates for any and all friends you refer who make a purchase. If, for example, you refer 100 friends, each of who makes a purchase, you will receive 100 $25 gift certificates.

7) To qualify for the program, the friends you refer must make their purchase directly from Lamas Beauty -- from our website, or using our toll free number. Any purchases made at retail outlets do not qualify for this Gift Certificate program.

8) Gift certificates you receive (either electronic or mailed) may be used at any time in the future - they do not expire. They can be used online or by calling our toll-free order number.

9) This Offer is valid only on purchases made AFTER February 28, 2005.

10) This Offer only applies to new customers you refer to us. New customers are people who have never previously purchased from Lamas Beauty International or who have never ordered a Lamas Beauty product catalog.