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The Poppoff Report
by Mary Jane Popp, LamasBeauty Correspondent

How to Have Magnificent Sex!!!

Did you know that overall, 43% of women and 31% of men report they have problems with sex?

When I read this statistic, I figured if this many actually will tell, how many more have the same problems and are too embarrassed to say anything? That got me started on my quest to find someone who could tell me how our sex lives got derailed and how we can get back on track.

Poppoff Report with Mary Jane Popp -  What's old is new again
Mary Jane Popp

Then along came Dr. Lana Holstein with her book "How To Have Magnificent" and I was off and running. I loved it when I opened my Radio Show, introduced her and she blurted out…"We deserve to have magnificent sex…the kind that's fun, fascinating, and fulfilling." No argument here, I thought. As a matter of fact, Dr. Holstein told me it's our birthright. In today's world of being too pooped to pop just trying to make a living, it ain't easy to get sexy…if you know what I mean. We're either too tired, too bored, or too frazzled to care, right? In other words, the flame of that hunka' hunka' burning love is flickering to be sure. But in her book, "How To Have Magnificent Sex," Dr. H says the challenge is claiming that treasure of sex for yourself. Okay, okay, easier said than done, Doc! But I was willing to listen, because Dr. H has helped couples achieve the relationship of their dreams. Yale educated, she is currently Director of Women's Health at Arizona's renowned Canyon Ranch Spa. But why would she want to take on this overwhelming chore?

As a woman in a loving relationship and passionate marriage I might add, she understands the complex nature of intimacy and sexuality and the foundation they create for a dynamic duo.

So you're probably thinking this is the Kama Sutra for the new century, right? Wrong! And it's not a quick fix guide to kick your sex life in the…you know what! This book gets to your heart and mind and body too. Actually, Dr. Holstein takes on the sex topic in a positive, intelligent, and entertaining way. So if your sex life is listing a little, and you want the best, then Dr.H's 25 years of experience healthy happy sex boils down to skills…that is if you want to kick your sex life back into gear.

Having heard just about every possible sexual dissatisfaction imaginable, Dr. Holstein bases her seven components or dimensions to sexual relationships on the innate organic features of our humanity.

"All right, enough of my jabbering on and on, here they are…Dr. H's Seven Dimensions for a vital sexual connection:

1. THE BIOLOGICAL DIMENSION, which shows you how to make your body function at its sexual peak.
2. THE SENSUAL DIMENSION, which increases your capacity to feel sexual pleasure.
3. THE DESIRE DIMENSION, which frees you from inhibition and refuels your lust for your partner.
4. THE HEART DIMENSION, which enriches your love and commitment and strengthens your connection to your partner.
5. THE INTIMACY DIMENTSION, which builds trust and open communication and enhances your connection's vitality and depth.
6. THE AESTHETIC DIMENSION, which uncovers your inner radiance and creates a pathway to your sexual soul.
7. THE TRANSPERSONAL DIMENSION, which teaches you how to merge with your partner at the level of the soul and transcend the mundane to become one.

It all makes a lot of sense because what is the body without the emotion…including heart and intimacy? And it does go to our very soul.

Wow! Now that's some pretty heady stuff, but obviously Dr. Holstein goes into lots more detail in her book. In March of this year, Dr. Holstein shared her skills with the TV audience on Public Television in a one-hour program called "Magnificent Lovemaking". I have to tell you that Dr. H has a great personality, both warm, engaging, and honest. She tells it like it is. She truly feels we all deserve a loving relationship with variety, texture, and fulfillment where both partners contribute strengths toward building an exceptional relationship.

So, if you're lookin' for some REAL LOVIN', then remember it takes two to tango. In "How To Have Magnificent Sex", Dr. Lana Holstein is the Dance Instructor of Love choreographing every step for a dynamic performance. She is the Pied Piper of Passion.


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Mary Jane Popp is a woman for all media. She has produced and hosted both radio and television programs for over 25 years from magazine shows to hard-hitting controversial issues. As an Anchor, Talk Shows host and Reporter, Mary Jane has interviewed the famous and the infamous. Her lively articles appear in several syndicated publications. Presently, she hosts the Poppoff Radio Show.

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