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Poppoff Report with Mary Jane Popp


Can it be that body symbols and signs mirror nutritional deficiencies and imbalances? Can it be that body, mind, and spirit work together to keep this human machine we inhabit running smoothly? America's leading Nutritional Symbologist, Michael Schwartz, carries the symbology banner on his Radio Show "Body/Mind With Michael" and in his books "The Way Of Universal Teachings" and "The Art Of Mental Healing". When Michael appeared on my Radio Show "POPPOFF", he told me that people are ready to take on healthy self-care and are seeking to free themselves from the ill-health system. He claims that Nutritional Symbology is the next frontier in that self-care.

Poppoff Report with Mary Jane Popp -  What's old is new again
Mary Jane Popp

Gurus sitting on a mushroom someplace in Wonderland, doesn't it? I was skeptical too, but as we talked, it began to make sense. Michael said, "The way we internalize various experiences or factors in our life can have a powerful impact on our overall well being. There are also certain properties in plants, herbs, and vitamins that can assist us in navigating through stress for the times." It makes some real sense when you think how many Physicians are saying that how we respond to our stresses and depressions affect our health. Results? The balance of all of the above can keep us going on a positive path. Schwartz, who is accredited with a Doctor of Naturapthy and Phd Degrees, says "Naturapathy has a deep committment to treating the cause of the disease by nurturing the body."

From the common cold to cancer, Schwartz says illness comes from the imbalance of the body…mind…spirit connection. For instance, accidents and ailments occur on one side of the body or the other. The side that's affected is symbolic. In Metaphysics, the right side is symbolic of spiritual thoughts and actions. It represents the future as well as our faith in our Self in relation to a situation. The right side is considered the male aspect of the Self. The left side deals with the Material considerations we are going through. It reflects our past and how we draw on that past in dealing with the now. The left side represents the female aspect of the Self.

So how can an Accident have different meanings? An Accident is an Accident, right? Wrong! Say we broke a bone in our right leg, we should think, "What am I going through that my faith in my Self will not support me; what is causing me such fear and doubt in myself, and what is upcoming in my immediate future that I am doubting my ability to stand up to it?"

If we broke our left leg, we should think, "What am I going through that my ability to continue to support myself monetarily is under attack; what past concept of myself is creating fear and doubt in my ability to support my Self now? What financial situation is brewing that I feel will create money problems?" Pretty heady stuff, huh?!!!

body separately…inside and out…because the body is the physical manifestation of the energies of both the spirit and the mind.

Here are just a few examples:

THE HEAD: SPIRITUAL PLANE…All thinking done there. We can only hope!

HAIR: STRENGTH…Even the Bible Lesson taught Samson his hair told the tale.

EYES: PERCEPTION…We view the world.



FACE: IMAGE…Reflection of how you see yourself.

HEART: EMOTIONS…Without a heart you are physically and spiritually dead. Even the Lion in the Wizard of Oz knew that.

RESPIRATORY: UTILIZATION OF SPIRIT (AIR)…Feeder of life giving energies and elimination of harmful gaseous matter.

FINGERS: INDICATIONS…Each finger has its own meaning. It seems that each digit has its own designation for instance:

  THE THUMB relates to control and will-power.

THE INDEX finger relates to emotions. You point with this finger at others for your problems.

THE MIDDLE finger relates to aspirations either spiritual or material. That's why it's the longest finger on your hand.

THE RING finger relates to social relationships…left side unity - right side others.

THE LITTLE finger relates to ego, which is of little use to us.

Michael goes through every single part of our body, and it really is an eye-opener. But I was fascinated more by his exploration of the "software" of our mind that affects the systems of the body. "Thoughts", he says, "are electrical energies that tell the body how to respond and operate in every situation. Thoughts create receptivity to disease. This got me thinking because I've spoken to so many Docs who have said that depression, stress, and other outside factors lower our immune system and open us up to many diseases.

So I listened intently when Schwartz condensed his "HOW TOS".

THOUGHTS are electrical energies that "tell" the body how to respond and operate in every situation: thoughts create receptivity to disease.

DISCOVER how thoughts can be "seen" before they manifest into your physical reality.

DISCOVER how to "cure" conditions by controlling thoughts.

EACH CONDITION has a root cause in the subconscious.

LEARN how to "see" thoughts in action and their symbolic significance the condition.

LEARN about symbolic values of nutrients and associated herbs.

The key is to put all this together, and there's just not enough "POPPOFF REPORT " room, so here's a number if you want more info on Schwartz's signs and symbols…800-525-9643.

According to Michael Schwartz, Accidents never just happen! Like Ailments, Accidents begin with the mind. Like Ailments, Accidents are a form of communication and guidance. Schwartz claims that through knowing, understanding, and control, you can master the material plane. Finally, these words really hit home big time…"For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear." We must take his advice and really look and listen. I see it now, and I'm listening loud and clear!


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