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Peter Lamas' Beauty Solutions
by Peter Lamas, Lamas Beauty Founder

Tips For Beautiful Face and Body Skin

PACK YOUR BAGS. This simple anti-puffiness tip for your eyes really works. Soak a cotton ball or pad in chilled Milk of Magnesia (keep refrigerated). Apply under each eye and let dry several minutes to de-puff. Then rinse off with lukewarm water.

BREAKOUTS. For occasional flare-ups (not all-over acne), quench the redness and inflammation by constricting the blood vessels that feed swelling and redness. You'll get great results with a combo of Preparation H Hemorhoid Cream and Visine Eye Drops:

  1. Saturate a cotton pad with Visine and pat on the spot to reduce redness
  2. Hold pad there for 3-5 minutes
  3. Pat dry with a towel
  4. Smooth a little Preparation H on the spot. Let sit for several minutes. Rinse off. Inflammation should be gone or quite reduced and easy to hide with concealer or foundation.

BREAKOUTS, PART TOO. Another blemish de-fuser is ice. Hold a cube on the blemish for 60 seconds. Pat dry and apply concealer or foundation.

BAKE THOSE BLACKHEADS. Create a paste of 1 tablespoon baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and water. Massage over blackheads to loosen debris and oil. Rinse clean with water.

TAKE OIL TO THE MATTE. If your skin is oily or shine builds up after several hours, apply a mattifying toner under foundation to keep the t-zone area shine-free. The best formulas have ingredients like tea tree oil, silica and copper peptide.

LARGE PORES. Aloha! Did you know that pineapple is great for de-clogging pores? Use a facial cleanser or polishing treatment with pineapple. Smooth generously over your skin. The enzymes can absorb up to 1000 times their weight in embedded pollutants and oil. Leaves skin smelling as delicious as it looks.

HEAT WAVE DRYNESS AWAY. A soothing tip for dry, stressed-out skin: Scoop some of your moisturizer in a micro-wavable bowl and heat for 5 seconds before you apply it. The heat helps the moisturizer penetrate faster and deeper into your skin for enhanced results.

SCOTCH THE FLAKES. If you're troubled by flaky areas on your nose, your elbows, heels or knees, wrap a ribbon of scotch tape around your finger, sticky side out and pat over the flakes to lift them off instantly.

CLEAR THE DECKS WITH FACIAL EXFOLIATORS. Virtually all skin except the very dry and delicate, needs a good rub from time to time to get glowing again. Choose the finest grains like the classic beauty grain powders for example, if your skin is delicate or dry. Normal or oily skin with clogged pores will benefit more from medium-grained exfoliants, like an apricot facial scrub. Massage over the face for just a minute or two. To avoid redness, dryness, irritation or overstimulating oil glands, don't overdo it at any one session.

BODY POLISHING. At the start of every season, shed your cocoon and come clean, baby-smooth and evenly radiant, all over, naturally. The latest scrubs are laced with natural ingredients like salt, pomegranate and sugar to make your body smell as yummy as it looks.

Here's how to polish your body to perfection:

  1. Start Dry. Skin will shed faster and more evenly if you polish when its dry.
  2. Stand in the bathtub or shower stall with the water off. Use your hands - not a loofah or sponge - to massage a body scrub product into the skin with circular motions. Choose a scrub with granules suspended in essential oils and moisturizer base for moisturizing and conditioning as you scrub. Concentrate on the rough areas - heels, knees, elbows, legs.
  3. Let Sit. Let the scrub stay on 3-5 minutes before you rinse it off completely with pleasantly warm water.
  4. Towel Dry, leaving the skin slightly damp. Slather on a body cream, lotion or oil.
  5. Repeat the whole process 2-3 times a week. For sensitive or super-dry skin, limit to once a week.

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