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Non-Toxic Hair Color Facts
by Karen M. Shelton, Lamas Beauty Magazine Contributor

To Color Or Not To Color?

Does all this scary information about hair color chemicals mean that you shouldn’t color your hair? Not exactly. With everything in life there are tradeoffs. A lot of foods that we enjoy contain chemicals that may have toxic implications.

Does that mean we should give up our favorite foods? Probably not. However, it is important to be aware of potential risks with any life decisions we make whether it means coloring our hair or drinking diet colas.

Karen M. Shelton - The Hair Boutique
Karen M. Shelton
The Hair Boutique

The other noteworthy point is that knowledge if power. If you know after reading the labels that you might be allergic to some of the chemicals in hair coloring products, take preventive measures. Some of the options you have include performing patch tests for any product that is suspect, selecting products that have the least amount of chemicals that you could react to and discussing risks with your physician.

Patch Tests: Your Best Protection

Who should perform a patch test? Everyone! As Ms. Dufour pointed out, it is hard to predict what ingredients may cause allergic reactions. While her company’s semi-permanent color product, Herbatint, does contain a very small amount of PPD (when compared to other products), it also contains other natural coloring agents like walnut, rhubarb and cinchona extracts. As Theresa pointed out, people can be allergic to a wide range of ingredients from more natural ones like walnut to the chemical additives. You just never know what one person will react to that will be fine for the majority of others.

Although allergies do happen, according to Theresa, are actually very rare. Even more interesting is that some consumers can use Herbatint or other coloring products for an extended period of time with no problems may suddenly experience a reaction with no prior warning.

To be safe, Theresa advises that a patch test should be performed before every single hair color application with either the Herbatint or Vegetal Color products. No matter how many times you have used the product successfully in the past you just never know when problems can develop.

How To Perform A Patch Test

If you have never done a patch test before it is relatively simple to do and will provide you with peace of mind that your body can handle the product ingredients with no problem.

Theresa recommends that both men and women apply a little bit of the product to the inside of the elbow and then leave the mixture uncovered for a minimum of 24 hours. People who are aware of prior chemical sensitivities should do a patch test for 48 hours. I

If you will have a hard time keeping the product uncovered, you also have the option of doing a patch test behind the ear. The key to doing a good test is to leave the product uncovered.

Remember, when in doubt always discuss the issues of using chemical products with your personal physician and get their advice.

Herbavita - Mild Coloring Agents

Herbavita is one of the original European manufacturers of "all natural" and "non-toxic hair colors". With thirty years on the market Herbavita is also the oldest of the natural coloring manufacturing companies. Based in Rome, Italy, Herbavita currently sells their products in 26 different countries around the world. They have worked hard to create products that are as safe as possible for hair consumers.

Understanding that many consumers want low chemical based products as options, Herbavita created two different products to choose from.

Herbavita specializes in products designed around herbal ingredients and sells two popular lines of "natural hair color". These include:

Herbatint Semi-Permanent Hair Color - Suggested retail: $9.69 USD
Vegetal Color (Demi-permanent color free of ammonia, PPD and peroxide) - Suggested retail $15.99 USD.

The Herbatint Semi-Permanent Hair Color will last approximately 4-5 weeks before new growth is apparent. The color may also fade over time. Vegetal Colors will last through 6-8 shampoos depending on the frequencies of shampoo.

Herbavita also makes beautiful shampoo under the label of Royal Cream. They are more than a shampoo. They provide moisturizing and conditioning benefits.

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Karen M. Shelton is the founder of HairBoutique.com which has been featured in numerous magazines including 101 Celebrity Hairstyles, Today's Dallas Woman Magazine, WE-Women's Enterprise, The National Enquirer, American Salon Magazine and Self magazine, as well as international publications.

Karen M. Shelton was featured in DFW Tech Biz as winner of the Emerging CEO - Tech Titan award. In 2001 Ms. Shelton joined 101 Celebrity Styles & Short Cuts magazine as consumer hair editor.

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