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Thermal Reconditioning
Yuko Founder's - Words Of Hair Care Wisdom

by Karen M. Shelton, Lamas Beauty Magazine Contributor



January 2003 - Beverly Hills, CA. - Ms. Yuko Yamishita from Japan, the inventor of Yuko, the most revolutionary hair straightening system in history, offers her own hair care notes for those who have been thermally reconditioned.

Listed below are Ms. Yuko's "straight" tips on taking care of the sleek, shiny, straight YUKOed hair many of you have always wanted!

Karen M. Shelton - The Hair Boutique
Karen M. Shelton
The Hair Boutique

Wetting Hair:

Wet hair as though you are soaking it in water. Trap the water (at 100 F) in your hands and gently massage hair. Now dirt & oil will be rinsed out! Be careful not to use too hot of water - it will strip hair of essential oils and cause the cuticle to become damaged. When hair is wet, finger-dry with a blow-dryer, whose nozzle is facing down the hair shaft.


Shampoo scalp for 2 minutes! It is not necessary to lather too much - this can cause damage to the hair's cuticle. Keeping your scalp clean and healthy is vital.


Just as you wet your hair in the first step, trap the water and gently massage with it. Do not use strong water pressure to rinse hair.


Conditioning treatments revitalize and replenish lost protein and nutrients in hair. It is now necessary to apply conditioner every time you shampoo your hair. The amount of conditioner varies, but a nickel size for medium length hair and a quarter size for long hair is correct. Apply conditioners below the ear line.

Towel Drying:

Towel blot excess moisture, rather than rubbing down with a towel. Gently blot the moisture at the ends to avoid friction between strands of hair that will cause cuticle damage.

Blow Drying:

Begin styling the hair when the scalp is completely dry and 80% of the hair is dry. Air drying your hair after your shampoo will cause more damage than blow-drying! After towel drying your hair, spray in a leave-in conditioner. Then blow-dry the nape first, leaving the area about the forehead second. The bottom part should be dried first, so that the top part does not absorb the moisture from the bottom. This offers body. DO NOT use styling products for two days after being YUKOed!.

Hair Accessories:

Do NOT tie your hair into a ponytail, or even tuck behind ears for two days after getting YUKOed. It may DENT hair. Do not wear any hats for a week after the Yuko System, as well.


Consult your hair stylist before using home color or bleach on YUKOed hair. Bleached hair is not recommended. For professional color wait two weeks after the process to get color.

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Karen M. Shelton is the founder of HairBoutique.com which has been featured in numerous magazines including 101 Celebrity Hairstyles, Today's Dallas Woman Magazine, WE-Women's Enterprise, The National Enquirer, American Salon Magazine and Self magazine, as well as international publications.

Karen M. Shelton was featured in DFW Tech Biz as winner of the Emerging CEO - Tech Titan award. In 2001 Ms. Shelton joined 101 Celebrity Styles & Short Cuts magazine as consumer hair editor.

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