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Some of Peter's tips are timeless classics. Others can help you create the next look-of-the-moment. Together, you'll find just what you need to achieve a sleek, professional look - fast and easy - right at home. Check back regularly as we add more tips for lips, face and eyes, plus skincare and hair secrets every woman should know!

Hair Tips
Hair Tips
1. Tone down brassiness with an ash blond or light brown rinse - Chlorine makes the problem worse.
2. Frizz. There are dozens of products to fight the problem. The thicker the hair, the thicker the product you need to calm it down.
3. Super straight hair. Use a hot (1600 watt) dryer. To prevent frizzing, always aim the nozzle downward, and hold hair straight, as you're blowing it dry.
4. For flowing curls. Blow dry then follow with 10 minutes in velcro curlers.
5. Heat rollers. Use the type with a steam option for firmer curls, less damage, than dry heat.
6. Split ends. Anti-frizz products can close up the splits temporarily but the best way to control them is regular haircuts.
7. Oily Hair. Talcum powder massaged with your fingertips through the hair can absorb oil. Brush repeatedly to remove every trace of the powder.
8. Conditioner weighs your hair down? Condition on the ends, not the scalp.
9. Cowlicks. Talk to your hairdresser about how to part, blow dry and cut your hair so it doesn't pop up unexpectedly.

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