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Trauma to Hair Follicles
Have you been burned by hair straightening?

by Leslie Correa, Lamas Beauty Contributor

Leslie Correa is a nationally renowned hair designer and hair chemical specialist, (Color, Perms, Relaxers) he has devoted the past 24 years perfecting his craft in the art of hair design. He has devoted his career to knowing how to refine the best qualities of your hair and bringing out its natural beauty.

Based in New York and traveling to work with some of Europe's and America's highly recognized design teams, Leslie takes a realistic approach to hairstyling and has developed a personal design style allowing him to create looks that highlight a person's best features.

A Guide to TR - by  Leslie Correa

Trauma to Hair Follicles (Part 1)
Have you been burned by hair straightening?

You usually go to the salon, excited about a new hairstyle. You leave the salon several hours later, thrilled with their silky strands. Then, a few days later, after your first wash, you discover your hair is a frizzy, burnt mess. What happened to the nice hair at the salon?

Services like Thermal Reconditioning & hair extensions have become very popular and are spreading through salons like wildfire. Unfortunately, this means there are many inexperienced stylists rushing to learn how to do these processes & techniques, and put their services out there without the experience to be successful in the process. This is why weak, destroyed hair is on the rise, as women that are eager to have their dream of beautiful hair realized, go to a stylist that might have just learned the process yesterday. Some of the consequences of a poor service include burnt, thinning hair due to hair follicle damage, and hair breakage.

The intention of this article is to explain the process of the hair growth cycle & causes of hair loss (including causes not related to salon incompetence), and what you can do to bring your hair back to a healthy state.

Trauma and burns
The assault on the scalp and follicles causes trauma that can result in permanent hair loss. Even the high heat - about 250 degree F. from a hair dryer - will ultimately damage the hair follicles - which cannot take heat much higher than about 120 degrees F. The follicles will produce less hair and thinner hair. Thermal (Hot blowers), chemical (straighteners), friction, Traction (tight hair extensions) & sunburn, for example, can cause follicle damage and result in serious hair loss and or thin hair.

1st degree burns are Less serious than 2nd or 3rd degree burns
However, 1st degree burns can cause hair loss. At first, you may feel a tight scalp which then will start to flake like dandruff as much as weeks later. The blood vessels in the middle layer (the dermis) dilate, causing mild inflammation with redness and possibly some swelling. The skin may be sensitive to the touch and moist because the skin is trying to cool the burn, producing moisture. The skin usually heals within a few days without visual scarring.
This requires some treatment, such as wetting your head with cold water, a cold compress or cold wet rag to the head. Examples - mild sunburn, perms, double process color, and relaxers can all damage hair and can burn the scalp & cause hair reduction. Permanent hair reduction is defined as the long-term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing. The 3 layers of the skin that can be affected are the following:

  • Epidermis - The outermost layer is made up of four or five superficial layers, composed of cells. Outer surface cells die and are sloughed off as newer cells divide.
  • Dermis - The middle layer is composed primarily of connective tissue. It contains capillaries that bring blood to nourish the skin, lymphatic vessels, nerve endings, glands, and hair follicles.
  • Hypodermis - The bottom layer of adipose and subcutaneous tissue between the skin and underlying tissues.

Part 2 of the series "Three Stages of the Hair Growth Cycle"

Leslie Correa

Leslie is the dynamic owner of Manhattan's exclusive Capelli D'Oro Salon & Day Spa, bringing in over 24 years of experience and mastery to each color & cut he creates. Leslie goes to great lengths to make his client's feel like their hair is their best accessory, and together, they decide on a look that is perfectly reflective of their lifestyle.

Once called the "Rembrandt of Hair," Leslie is highly regarded for his exquisite ability to create natural looking highlights and three-dimensional color. Leslie considers every cut a "custom cut," and has spent the better part of his career developing innovative techniques for less linear, more customized haircuts.

And while he realizes nobody is perfect, chances are he'll get your hair closer to perfection than you ever thought possible. During the course of Leslie's impressive and expansive career, he has worked on the celebrities and socialites of NY and continues to add loyal fans - celebs and non-celebs alike. "Fresh ideas come from staying in touch."

Capelli D'Oro Salon & Day Spa,
847 Lexington Avenue
New York, New York 10021

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